Sophia Danai


“Sophia Danai has a voice that is capable of hypnotizing by the roomful.” Hip Hop Canada

Mysterious and sensuous; a voice coated in vulnerability with melodies as dynamic as the inspiration it came from, Sophia Danai is a singer, a storyteller, a producer; an artist. Her soul piercing voice and poignant lyrics are an empowered and naked account of life at its most elemental, seamlessly weaving through elements of alt R&B, soul and pop over gritty electronic beats. Sophia Danai invokes a passion in each listener that creates a personal experience, be it joy, pain, sorrow, fear, strength, or redemption. Hailing from Vancouver, BC, Sophia has emerged as a talent to watch for, working with top producers and established artists and always evolving in her artistry.

“The combination of her soulful voice purring in your ear, cradled between layers of enthralling sounds and thrilling music; Sophia may be the female answer to Canadian R&B superstar The Weeknd. Her music has an intimacy, a sensuality, and just a little hint of danger that makes it irresistable.” Addicted Magazine

Sophia released her sophomore album “Love Royale” on March 1, 2016, to a warm embrace from critics and fans alike. This record is a statement about empowerment and knowing your own mistakes, yet continuing forward, better and stronger. Immersed in deep, hypnotic beats and putting the raw beauty of Sophia’s sultry vocals on centre stage, Love Royale explores the beauty of the human condition. While Sophia co-produced the entire release, Grammy Award winning producer Jon Brown (Meghan Trainor, Pink) produced the glamorous and romantic “Daytime Dreaming” single, and Vancouver’s Matt Brevner produced several tracks including the heavily catchy electro-pop single “Bitter”. Sophia’s longtime drummer/producer Jon Holisko shows his contributions on the slow, dark groove of the “Something to Nothing” single. Each single comes with a music video as well, showing the creative reaches of Sophia Danai to the world.

  • Coast Environmental
  • Sunwest RVs
  • The Waverley Hotel
  • Fabricland
  • Sure Copy
  • The Eagle